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Finding Its Footing

Last night, I read a post I’d written not so long ago, on September 19, 2013.  The post was a recitation of items I’d written down on 3×5 notepads some time earlier; I wrote the post as a reminder to myself to … Continue reading

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Losing Track of Time

Alone in a room filled with music, I lose track of time.  Not just minutes and hours, but years.  Decades intermingle like friends from high school, together briefly after lifetimes apart, trying desperately to tell all the important news lost … Continue reading

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Empty Stretch of Sand

I remember a time when I was young and fragile and inexperienced in the world.  It was winter in south Texas, a time when the wind was constant and cold.  I walked alone along the emptiness of Padre Island, feeling kinship with the … Continue reading

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Recollections of a Broken Spirit

Several years ago, not long after I started the business that I finally abandoned for a sabbatical/ retirement, a guy I knew from a professional association to which I belonged contacted me.  He called me as part of his networking efforts … Continue reading

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Spinal Tap

I was in junior high school at the time, but I remember most of the events surrounding the episode almost as if they happened yesterday. I had spent most of the day before at a friend’s home, a condo on … Continue reading

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Dad’s Birthday

Another year’s gone by since my Dad’s last birthday.  When I look in the mirror, I see traces of him.  There’s more resemblance than I thought there was when I was younger. He was a bigger man than I am, taller … Continue reading

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Daisy in Chains

It came out of nowhere.  I was sitting in Janine’s study, chatting with her about making an exchange at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We had purchased a shower caddy last week and discovered it was too long; hanging from the … Continue reading

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I just read a piece on yesterday’s NPR Morning Edition website about John Waters’ new book, Carsick, which chronicles his experiences hitchhiking from his home in Baltimore to his apartment in San Francisco.  That is the sort of experience I’d like to have, … Continue reading

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Memory Triggers

It nags at me, not every day, but frequently enough to make me wonder what it is that causes me to dwell on it. I know what triggers it.  It’s reading about or hearing someone talk about a memory of … Continue reading

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Old Burglary

I listened to an interview yesterday with a criminologist/psychologist who expressed mixed feelings about the death penalty.  During the interview, he mentioned that he once was stabbed in the neck during a burglary while he lived in Turkey. A burglar … Continue reading

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The Fight

I went to first grade at Menger Elementary School in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was my first exposure to life outside the home, by myself, with no parents or siblings there to keep me from harm. There’s very little I … Continue reading

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Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of my sister, Mary Eleanor, who her brothers and sister and nieces and nephews and many of her friends called Melnor or Mimi.  I suppose I always will  miss her; it’s only natural. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom

Here it is again.  It came so quickly; could it possibly be a year since I last gave my mom flowers in remembrance of her birthday?  Yes, today would have been my mom’s birthday. And again I pause to remember … Continue reading

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Old Notes

I make notes to myself.  In the days before I had an iPhone, I’d write the notes in little 3×5″ spiral-bound notebooks I kept in my pocket. I rarely carry those little notebooks anymore; not because I prefer the iPhone … Continue reading

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Memory of Knives

What is it about knives, especially pocket knives, that I find appealing? It has nothing to do with protection.  It has nothing to do with monetary value.  It doesn’t even have much to do with utility, beyond a few core … Continue reading

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Dad’s Birthday

Today would have been my dad’s birthday.  I’ve written a little about him from time to time, but nothing has seemed quite right, quite sufficient.  It may take me a while yet, as I think I have to become more … Continue reading

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Unexpected Attachments

A person can get tied to a place during the course of lifetime.  For some, the attachment can happen gradually, like the slow-growing roots of an oak tree gripping the soil and rocks beneath so tightly nothing can uproot it. … Continue reading

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Road Trip in a Mercedes Benz Convertible

My wife keeps frighteningly meticulous records.  I, on the other hand, assume I will remember things.  I don’t.  Not unless reminded. Today, she reminded me of the trip I made to Florida back in 2007.  She pulled out credit card … Continue reading

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The Lost Year, Found

This year, 2012, hasn’t turned out quite the way I envisioned.  Though I don’t regret spending my time as I have these past twelve months, the year wasn’t what I pictured when it started.  I didn’t completely rekindle my entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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Blind Robins

I spent time on the phone this afternoon with my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law, a ninety-plus-year old woman. Though her eyesight is failing, her mind remains sharp and her wicked sense of humor is equally capable of slicing through a moment. During … Continue reading

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