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A couple of days ago, I walked through the Border Cantos exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  By the time we were about to leave the exhibit, I was an emotional wreck. I could not walk out … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Radishes

I’m used to buying radishes with wilted, sickly, and unappetizing tops; I lop them off and discard them. But what does one do when one buys bunches of radishes who greens are healthy, vital, and flush with life? There was a … Continue reading

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Coincidence. That’s what it was. It wasn’t a sign, a divine guidepost. It was no marker signaling the completion of the first third of a journey. It was just a coincidence. Happenstance. An artificial contrivance born of the juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

As if a nasty cyst in the White House weren’t enough, there’s one on my wrist. According to my self-diagnosis, based on extensive internet research (AKA a quick Google search), it’s a ganglion cyst. At least that’s what I think … Continue reading

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In just a short while, my wife and I will make a trek to Little Rock with my sister-in-law for the latter’s eye surgery. She is having a vitrectomy to correct a macular hole. Post-surgery care requires the patient to … Continue reading

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Physical and Mental

Today, I’m using this blog as a journal. On my agenda this morning is a visit to my doctor for my annual physical, then a visit to Little Rock this afternoon with a friend. The first activity is routine. The physical … Continue reading

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Culinary Compromise

A few days ago, I posted about my love affair with food. I mentioned the dilemma facing me; namely, that I intended to go on phase one of the South Beach Diet, a diet that might be incompatible with my intense interest … Continue reading

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  Rain has derailed my plans to take early morning walks, now, two days in a row. In my opinion, it’s Nature’s intrusion into such intended behaviors that makes treadmills appealing. I’ve used treadmills before, though I don’t own one and never … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious Food

There is no question that I enjoy food; eating it, cooking it, serving it, even taking pictures of it. I realize there exists a thriving industry in mocking people who post photos of food, but that doesn’t bother me. I … Continue reading

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Ill and Alone

My friend, Myra, wound up in a Lexington, Kentucky hospital emergency room yesterday. I don’t know just what led her there, aside from intense pain. I spoke with her last night from her hospital bed (the hospital admitted her) after learning of … Continue reading

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Walgreens’ version of DayQuil and NightQuil may or may not be working; it’s hard to tell. If being unable to breathe through the nose, feeling as if my ears are filled with wax, dull headache, and regular fits of coughing … Continue reading

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Time to Feed the Cold

I spent the day yesterday battling what I thought must be allergies as we went to the races at Oaklawn with our very nice neighbors. This morning, I awoke to discover that I was fighting the wrong battle; I should … Continue reading

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Voices and Memories and Energy

The last swallow of coffee is cold but, surprisingly, energizing. I look at my cup and wonder how I could have let that little bit of coffee sit, unattended and unswallowed, for so long. Ah, I know. I was writing … Continue reading

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Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

In spite of adhering to Phase I of the South Beach diet, albeit not religiously, my weight loss seems to have slowed to a crawl and, from day-to-day, even to see-saw back and forth. Yesterday, I had lost 11.6 pounds … Continue reading

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Ach. Pain.

My visit to the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow ended badly. I don’t know what it was—hoisting a suitcase into the car for the return trip home or reaching across the day-bed to strip the sheets from that odd piece … Continue reading

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On the Record

As of this morning, I’m down nine pounds since January 1. I wish I could go out walking so I can keep the momentum going (and I suppose I could, if I were willing to slog around in the rain, … Continue reading

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Headspace and Breather

I just completed my first “Headspace” session, one of ten introductory freebies offered to expose prospective clients to online guided meditation and related ‘stuff.’ A friend’s daughter-in-law recommended Headspace to me. Though I’ve done a bit of meditation in the past … Continue reading

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When Loss is Gain

The early stages of an exercise routine, coupled with a healthy change in eating habits, give quick results. The results I experienced during the first six days of 2016 are almost too good; if I were to expect the same pace to … Continue reading

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Images and Meditations

If my creative juices refuse to flow this morning, at the very least I can put this blog to some practical use. So, I decided to make a permanent place for the records of my three minor morning strolls so … Continue reading

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Held Accountable

I am among those who, in years past, dismissed the idea of New Year’s resolutions as exercises in futility. Why? Because I had made them and failed to accomplish what I had resolved to do. Furthermore, I didn’t feel at … Continue reading

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Would That I Could See, But Not Feel

I was expecting the same experience with my left eye after cataract surgery as I had with my right eye. I had no reason to expect anything else. But this is not like last time around. My eye feels like … Continue reading

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A Little Ugliness

Just a couple of weeks ago, during my annual physical, I told my doctor my Crohn’s disease has been in remission for a number of years, with only a very rare flare-up. Yesterday, that very rare flare-up occurred; at least … Continue reading

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A New View

Today, I am having my right eye amputated. Not really. I’m just having the lens in my right eye removed and replaced with a bionic lens. That is, I’m having cataract surgery. When I first went to the ophthalmologist early … Continue reading

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Tough Days

Yesterday was a tough day, as I learned from a friend that she was afraid her husband, also a friend, might be dying. Just a few days ago, he was taken from the rehab center where he is undergoing physical … Continue reading

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Loathing in the Natural State

I am having serious reservations about staying here. I do not know whether central Arkansas is really the place for me. These doubts have little to do with the ugliness of the political environment and everything to do with the entomological … Continue reading

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