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Would That I Could See, But Not Feel

I was expecting the same experience with my left eye after cataract surgery as I had with my right eye. I had no reason to expect anything else. But this is not like last time around. My eye feels like … Continue reading

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A Little Ugliness

Just a couple of weeks ago, during my annual physical, I told my doctor my Crohn’s disease has been in remission for a number of years, with only a very rare flare-up. Yesterday, that very rare flare-up occurred; at least … Continue reading

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A New View

Today, I am having my right eye amputated. Not really. I’m just having the lens in my right eye removed and replaced with a bionic lens. That is, I’m having cataract surgery. When I first went to the ophthalmologist early … Continue reading

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Tough Days

Yesterday was a tough day, as I learned from a friend that she was afraid her husband, also a friend, might be dying. Just a few days ago, he was taken from the rehab center where he is undergoing physical … Continue reading

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Loathing in the Natural State

I am having serious reservations about staying here. I do not know whether central Arkansas is really the place for me. These doubts have little to do with the ugliness of the political environment and everything to do with the entomological … Continue reading

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The shriveled old women and wizened old men—sitting alone in wheel chairs and recliners in a large, airy room—look upset. They have reason to be angry. Trapped in uncooperative bodies, they are forced to live in a prison for the weak … Continue reading

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Another Plane of Thought

Today is my day for tooth planing.  That sounds horrible.  I hope it’s not as bad as it sounds. By day’s end, it will be behind me, save for the remnants of numbness and perhaps some swelling and a little … Continue reading

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The Best Medical Care in the World

Among the many arguments against nationalized medicine is the suggestion that our “best medical care in the world” would suffer under nationalization.  Immediately following the assertion that nationalization would be an abysmal affront to humanity and would lead to long delays … Continue reading

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Wrong Brand

You can narrowly miss the wall when you aim right for it.  That suggests, of course, you  may have selected the wrong brand of tequila.

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Let’s Get Physical

I haven’t had a physical in a long, long time.  One of the downsides of moving is the need to find a new physician.  I continue to experience that downside.  I have not selected a new “family doctor,” and I … Continue reading

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My Friends

I got an unexpected and unpleasant phone call tonight.  A friend called to say her husband is back in the hospital and, depending on the outcome of tests and evaluations and assessments, may not come home.  He may have to … Continue reading

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I Need Hands on My Body

WANTED: Full-body massage, followed by regular hour-long back-rub leading to focused manipulation of hands, feet, and back of head and upper neck.  Willing to pay up to one hundred million dollars, or trade for the eternal rights to my soul, … Continue reading

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Those Eyes

Well, the ophthalmologist has spoken.  My self-diagnosis of map dot fingerprint dystrophy was wrong.  I would have failed the final exam in medical school, I suppose. The problem with my right eye, it turns out, is an early-onset cataract.  Most … Continue reading

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Dental Synchronicity

My wife and I must have some degree of synchronicity with respect to our dental health. The last time I had a dental emergency (rare doesn’t adequately describe it; it was the first and only time), just a few months … Continue reading

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Glaze and Fire

I think Robin must have been right; the world is not a just place.  If it were, I would have kicked the sick a couple of days ago.  Alas, injustice and illness go hand in hand, it seems. I’m better, … Continue reading

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Even a vague illness can be annoying and disruptive. Yesterday, whatever had been playing with me caught up, effectively knocking me out for the afternoon. I got up long enough to have Thanksgiving dinner number two (my wife roasted a … Continue reading

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Respite from Expectations

The simple act of living in a world of expectations is hard.  It requires mental energy in every waking moment.  Even as we attempt to recover through sleep, there they are, those expectations stalking our dreams just as they slink … Continue reading

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Peanuts are Purveyors of Pain

I’ve been awake for nearly an hour, after almost ten and a half hours of fitful and uncomfortable sleep. We got home just after six-thirty last night, after spending all day at the Showcase of the Arts at the Ponce de … Continue reading

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Spinal Tap

I was in junior high school at the time, but I remember most of the events surrounding the episode almost as if they happened yesterday. I had spent most of the day before at a friend’s home, a condo on … Continue reading

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Most nights, if I lay on my right side with my head deep in the pillow, I can hear and feel my heartbeats.  I’m not sure whether it’s their volume or that the throbbing associated with them is so pronounced that … Continue reading

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I’m sore. I’m sore that my year-old eyeglasses frames broke yesterday.  I’m sore that I didn’t get them repaired. I’m sore that I didn’t get them replaced.  I’m sore that a replacement will be an expensive proposition.  And I’m sore … Continue reading

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You May be Getting Ripped Off; Someone Else is Dying

Rarely will I ask readers to forward one of my posts, but I’m making an exception with this one. Please, please read it and the stories linked to it, then forward this to as many people as you can…or post … Continue reading

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Shrinking Sloth

I can cook.  Man, can I COOK!  I’ve just made a Dutch oven full of red lentil soup.  It is, if I don’t say so myself, wonderful!  And it’s not the first time.  I’ve done this before. Several times. It … Continue reading

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The only time I can recall having a hallucination was ten years ago.  That memory surfaced recently over lunch with a couple we’ve known for years.  He said he had hallucinated while in the hospital a few years ago, explaining … Continue reading

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Treatment Deferred

Maybe, if I were smart, I’d go see a doctor.  Well, smart isn’t it, really.  If I were rich, or had health insurance, I’d go see a doctor.  But neither describes me, so I won’t, at least for now. Just … Continue reading

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