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Just Breakfast

If this were a just world, I would have some form of curry for breakfast this morning. Something fiery to tantalize my tongue and awaken the sleeping creative beast buried deep inside my brain. But, alas, this is an unjust … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Radishes

I’m used to buying radishes with wilted, sickly, and unappetizing tops; I lop them off and discard them. But what does one do when one buys bunches of radishes who greens are healthy, vital, and flush with life? There was a … Continue reading

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Girls’ Night Out

When the girls go out, this boy plays! While my wife and her entourage go to Charlie’s for pizza and a girl party, I cook up my own excitement. Here is my alluring dinner, one I can make only when … Continue reading

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Feasting with Friends

My failure to photographically record yesterday’s food frenzy is unfathomable. How could I, after spending the better part of two days preparing an extraordinary feast, forget to take pictures of the final product? I cannot explain. I cannot justify my oversight. … Continue reading

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Evidence of the Endeavor

Today is Day Eight of my effort to lose massive amounts of weight over the long haul. In my defense, I introduce into evidence two photographs, taken today, illustrating the outcome of my effort…not lost weight, but the WAY to … Continue reading

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Taking Shortcuts to Mediocrity

Last night, I adapted a tried-and-true (if overly simple and insufficiently spicy) recipe for Shrimp Fra Diavolo. I adapted the recipe in several ways, the two most obvious deviations being the substitution of cod for shrimp and cauliflower for rice. … Continue reading

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Satisfying Hunger with Paint

I am posting here several photos, some of which already found their way online via Facebook, that illustrate how  I satisfy my hungers by painting with food. Let me explain. Later. Look at the images and read the captions, as … Continue reading

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Morning Morsels: Salmon, Avocado, and Condiments

2.24 ounces broiled Sockeye salmon (108 calories) 1/2 avocado (116 calories) [the Tajín sprinkled on top is a gimme] 2 radishes (4 calories) 2 cherry tomatoes (6 calories) Grand Total: 272 calories (compared to earlier this week, a MONSTROUS increase … Continue reading

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Controlled Food Lust

I wrote not long ago that I might start a food blog. At this moment, I doubt I will. But I may assemble all of my food posts from years past into a resource from which I write a longer … Continue reading

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Last night, we spent the evening sampling several soups at the Unitarian Universalists’ Christmas Eve service. The soup sampling followed a carol-fest in which the church choir sang carols, often with the audience chiming in. And there were readings sprinkled … Continue reading

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French Egg Culture

My earlier post put my mind on France and, especially, on Hôtel SPA le Calendal in Arles, where we stayed last June. Every morning we spent there, I cooked soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. In the breakfast area, the hotel provides a constant-temperature … Continue reading

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The Year in Pictures (of food)

Anyone who knows me knows I have this thing about food. I really enjoy cooking and eating and, as the collage above attests, taking pictures of food. Food is more than flavor and texture; it is eye candy, as well. … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Turning Japanese

This morning’s miso soup was accompanied by green onions, unlike last Thursday’s travesty of the highest order. Not only green onions, but a bit of sambal oelek to enliven the flavor and, of course, firm tofu (without which there is, … Continue reading

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A Feast for September 7

Last night, my wife and I had dinner with friends. The woman made feijoada, a Brazilian black bean, pork, and sausage stew her husband had requested. Years ago, he had spent some time in Brazil and discovered his affinity for the stuff. … Continue reading

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Ensteubulous Thursday

Soft, early morning light filtered through the windows when I woke up this morning, a highly unusual circumstance for someone who’s up well before dawn almost every day. Why I slept in is beyond me. But sleep in I did. … Continue reading

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Crossing My Own Borders

Just moments ago, I wrote an email to a friend that included a comment about tamales. I said “…my tamales do not compare to those made by little old Mexican grandmothers whose recipes for pork and jalapeño tamales involve lard … Continue reading

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A Food Blog, Perhaps

I’m considering the possibility of adding one more blog to the already innumerable food blogs available on the internet. American Food Bloggers list (as of today) of America’s Best Food Blogs, ranked by popularity and influence, lists 451 food blogs. … Continue reading

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Culinary Hypocrisy

I was reminded this morning of an essay I read six years ago that made me pause and reflect on my fascination with food. The essayist, William Deresiewicz, asserts that food replaced art as the embodiment of high culture. Deresiewicz says the “foodie” … Continue reading

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Birthday Decadence

Birthday Alarm (which I once used to remind me about birthdays of people with whom I did business) tells me I share my birthday with Dizzy Gillespie, Carrie Fisher, Alfred Nobel, and Benjamin Netanyahu. I should feel honored to be … Continue reading

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Adaptive Jook

Well, insomuch as my efforts to sleep in recent hours were only modestly successful, there’s only one thing to do: post a photo of last night’s dinner with an explanation. What you see in the photo is bastardized adaptive jook. … Continue reading

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Knob Creek Rye Whiskey. That’s the choice I made when deciding which of the six whiskies I should buy from those I’d tasted  yesterday afternoon at Colonial Liquors in Little Rock. I could have chosen any of the other four … Continue reading

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FIshing for Something

The colors of cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, radishes, and kipper snacks—bathed in piquante green and red sauces—blend in a way that soothes my mind. Though most of the colors are not in the least muted, they join together in a pacific … Continue reading

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Let Me Just Say मैं खाना पसंद है और खाना मुझे प्यार करता है।

Tonight’s dinner was a success, so say I. I futzed around on the internet bright and early this morning in search of Indian recipes I might like to try for dinner. I found dozens of interest. But, based on level … Continue reading

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Culinary Compromise

A few days ago, I posted about my love affair with food. I mentioned the dilemma facing me; namely, that I intended to go on phase one of the South Beach Diet, a diet that might be incompatible with my intense interest … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious Food

There is no question that I enjoy food; eating it, cooking it, serving it, even taking pictures of it. I realize there exists a thriving industry in mocking people who post photos of food, but that doesn’t bother me. I … Continue reading

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