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The People Who Feed Us

I’m embarrassed that I have not attached more value and significance to a large group of people who, collectively, play a vitally important part in my life. I’ve come late to an expanding appreciation that the food I eat has … Continue reading

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African Eatery

We’re going to lunch today at a new African restaurant in Alexander, AR (AKA suburban Little Rock). The place is called Kontiki African Restaurant and today is its grand opening. My spouse is rightfully cautious about going to restaurants during … Continue reading

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Blogging for Food

I have been toying with the idea of starting a food blog for quite some time. More than a year ago, I explored the costs of setting up a separate URL hosted in an account separate from this blog. At … Continue reading

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Gingerly Approaching a Moroccan Cooking Binge

Last night, our meal’s main course was Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemon, Olives, and Harissa. I made the harissa, which delivers one of my favorite flavors,the day before. I served the chicken over brown rice, alongside a few cucumber spears, … Continue reading

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A Taste of the Globe

My global gastronomical journey restarted yesterday afternoon when my sister-in-law came to the house with a bottle of Babich sauvignon blanc, some grapes, crackers, and a couple of cheeses. We added to the feast with garlic-and-jalapeño-stuffed olives. As we sat … Continue reading

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Smoked Jerky

If the Universe is decent, kind, and caring, these strips of eye of round I marinated for twenty-four hours will be—seven hours hence—delicious, mouth-watering beef jerky. The kind of jerky I used to seek out on long, aimless road trip … Continue reading

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Venezuelans and Their Food

Earlier today, an article on the National Public Radio website about a food common in Venezuela, called arepas, launched my exploration of the dish. Several recipes later, my interest grew beyond food as I became increasingly intrigued about the current state of … Continue reading

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More World of Wine

Tonight was the fifth (I think…France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Australia…were there more?) “World of Wine” dinner and wine tasting we’ve attended at Coronado Center. Tonight’s meal and wine assortment were Australian. Upon entering, we were given a glass of Andove … Continue reading

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In Favor of Cheese

We have the very good fortune to have some very generous neighbors. A woman with whom Janine plays cards one night a week most weeks gave us three cheeses earlier this week. Because I want to remember them for future … Continue reading

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Dutch Treats

My online culinary explorations this morning took me to the Netherlands. I visited Amsterdam many years ago, but the only moderately clear food-related memory of that visit revolves around our late-evening arrival. We disembarked the ferry from England and went … Continue reading

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Journaling the Day

We spent much of the weekend through mid-day on Sunday on our screened porch, soaking in the moderate weather (cool for early June), clear skies, and quiet. On Friday evening, we watched the sky and talked about the planets and … Continue reading

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Food Flash

My Sunday was, by and large, a happy event. I logged three beers at the Flying Saucer in Little Rock, had a nice lunch at the same place, and enjoyed a scoop of ice cream at Kilwin’s, a place to which … Continue reading

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Foods of England

I stumbled across a website this morning that I want to memorialize here for future reference. It’s The Foods of England Project (, a site that attempts to amass a list, along with recipes (which they call receipts) and the … Continue reading

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This evening promises a welcome diversion from reality. We’ll attend a two and a half hour cooking class at Garvan Gardens, where we’ll see and partake of a demonstration for three courses, each paired with a special brew from Bubba … Continue reading

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Were I to open a restaurant (and if I did not call it French Kangaroo, the name I’ve given my kitchen), I might call it Cobra. As it happens, others came up with the idea first. Someone is operating a Thai restaurant by that name … Continue reading

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52 Ways to Leave Your Country

I have an ambitious idea, launched only moments ago. If I consider the amount of effort its execution will require, I will back away from it as an impossible fantasy. But that is not the way one reaches goals. That is … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Food and Human Decency

I’ve discovered that my wife and I are not the only people around Hot Springs who enjoy Ethiopian food. Recently, I posted a query, to a Facebook group dedicated to Hot Springs area restaurant reviews, about whether my unsuccessful efforts to find … Continue reading

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Just Breakfast

If this were a just world, I would have some form of curry for breakfast this morning. Something fiery to tantalize my tongue and awaken the sleeping creative beast buried deep inside my brain. But, alas, this is an unjust … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Radishes

I’m used to buying radishes with wilted, sickly, and unappetizing tops; I lop them off and discard them. But what does one do when one buys bunches of radishes who greens are healthy, vital, and flush with life? There was a … Continue reading

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Girls’ Night Out

When the girls go out, this boy plays! While my wife and her entourage go to Charlie’s for pizza and a girl party, I cook up my own excitement. Here is my alluring dinner, one I can make only when … Continue reading

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Feasting with Friends

My failure to photographically record yesterday’s food frenzy is unfathomable. How could I, after spending the better part of two days preparing an extraordinary feast, forget to take pictures of the final product? I cannot explain. I cannot justify my oversight. … Continue reading

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Evidence of the Endeavor

Today is Day Eight of my effort to lose massive amounts of weight over the long haul. In my defense, I introduce into evidence two photographs, taken today, illustrating the outcome of my effort…not lost weight, but the WAY to … Continue reading

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Taking Shortcuts to Mediocrity

Last night, I adapted a tried-and-true (if overly simple and insufficiently spicy) recipe for Shrimp Fra Diavolo. I adapted the recipe in several ways, the two most obvious deviations being the substitution of cod for shrimp and cauliflower for rice. … Continue reading

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Satisfying Hunger with Paint

I am posting here several photos, some of which already found their way online via Facebook, that illustrate how  I satisfy my hungers by painting with food. Let me explain. Later. Look at the images and read the captions, as … Continue reading

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Morning Morsels: Salmon, Avocado, and Condiments

2.24 ounces broiled Sockeye salmon (108 calories) 1/2 avocado (116 calories) [the Tajín sprinkled on top is a gimme] 2 radishes (4 calories) 2 cherry tomatoes (6 calories) Grand Total: 272 calories (compared to earlier this week, a MONSTROUS increase … Continue reading

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