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Smoked Dreams and Wishes

Last night, as I grilled zucchini and onions and jalapeños and a smoked jalapeño sausage for dinner, I thought of the smoker I left in Texas.  If I had that smoker today, I would be able to smoke home made sausage, something … Continue reading

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Sleepy Time

Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep came in the mail the other day. The book, by David K. Randall, promises to answer some of my questions about sleep and dreams. But I doubt I’ll get all the answers … Continue reading

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Only Moderately Depressing, with a Twist

Blank pieces of paper have the potential to change the world.  Or, at the least, they can change lives.  They can serve as the platforms upon which stories are launched.  They can form the foundations of tales so ugly, so … Continue reading

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Perchance to Dream

I had two odd dreams within the past few nights. That is not to say that most of my dreams are not odd, but these seemed especially so. In the first one, two people I know from the Dallas area … Continue reading

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What Do I Miss? How Do I Settle?

A downside to living in Hot Springs Village versus Dallas (or any big city): there’s no convenient and nearby place to go for a middle-of-the-night-breakfast when sleep eludes me.  I miss that, especially of late…especially when I awaken with nothing … Continue reading

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A Patina of Experience

Last night, I was in “a mood.”   It caused me to write an email to a friend, something I too rarely do.  The message was mostly silliness memorialized in language, but as I read my message this morning, I saw … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams are Made of This…

It is my position that dreams manifest incomplete, or unsatisfactory, thoughts.  They attempt to resolve unanswered questions…questions we may not know, consciously, we’ve been trying to answer. People who are paid to interpret dreams are, in my humble opinion, frauds.  They … Continue reading

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I had another odd dream last night or this morning, one of the more vivid ones I’ve had in awhile.  I was visiting the home of some people I’ve known for years.  One of their acquaintances used to work for … Continue reading

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A Little Risky

There’s tremendous appeal to me in charting unexplored territories, doing things I’ve never done.  Perhaps it’s the risk associated with taking bold steps that I find intriguing. Or maybe it’s the promise of learning the limits of my courage.  Whatever … Continue reading

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The remainder of my first cup of coffee has long grown cold, leaving me with the dilemma of leaving my desk to replenish it with another hot, satisfying brew or staying here and finishing my thoughts.  I am sure there … Continue reading

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The Dream

Several weeks ago, I had a very vivid dream.  When I awoke from it, about 4:30 in the morning, I recorded what I remembered of it, which was quite a lot. Here are my recollections. The Dream I was riding … Continue reading

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State of Being in Strange Streams of Consciousness

The good news: I sold the hammered dulcimer yesterday.  I got less than I paid for it in 1994, but we have more space in the house than before. I got a call yesterday morning from a woman who wanted … Continue reading

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The Law

Years ago, long after I graduated from college and even after I spent time pursuing and then abandoning a graduate degree, I seriously considered going to law school.  There were many reasons.  First and foremost, I found law extremely interesting; … Continue reading

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You cannot think through my  mind, nor can I think through yours.  This is a terrible dilemma.  Not so much the fact that I can’t think through your mind, but that you can’t think through mine. If only you could, … Continue reading

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Too Little Sleep

I wonder what it is that dashes expectations and wishes on the rocks?  Whatever crushes those crucial components of hope should be incinerated.  None of us need such oppression. But here we are.  My mood proves to me that, on … Continue reading

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It’s just after 6:00 am on a Sunday morning.  I’ve been awake for well over an hour.  While my wife slept in the hotel’s king bed, I showered and got dressed.  It must be my way of returning to normalcy. … Continue reading

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What to Do, What to Do…Well, Let’s Drive!

During the past several weeks, I’ve been contemplating what I will do to earn a living as my extended sabbatical slowly comes to an end. I’ve already extended my planned one year of leisure to fourteen months and am planning … Continue reading

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Exercises in Wonder: What If?

Many years ago, sometime in the early 1980s, I think, I was enamored of a film called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,which starred Raúl Julia in the character of Aram Fingal, a programmer for NoviCorp, a global corporation that shared … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Fashion Models It occurred to me before but as I was skimming an old copy of D Magazine it struck me again.  Young female fashion models who have their photos taken wearing haute couture, whether  bikinis and impossibly tall spiked heels … Continue reading

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Little Luxuries, Big Essentials

Fall weather is upon us, for the moment, at least temporarily ameliorating my loathing of the north Texas climate. With temperatures in the mid-sixties to start the day, I can tolerate Dallas weather for the moment. I welcomed yesterday’s on-again, … Continue reading

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A contemporaneous record of an odd and horrible dream

It’s Friday morning at 3:30 am and I just awoke from a horrific dream.  Here is what I remember: The incident from which I awoke involved a woman I know who, in the dream, had just been involved in selecting … Continue reading

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