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Homelessness on My Mind

Some days are ugly. Some days are hideous. But if those days are  disturbing, just think how their corresponding nights must be sinister and unsettling in the extreme. Several days this past week have been stifling. As I walked through … Continue reading

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The City

I can imagine living in the city, right in the heart of the city, waking early to seek out breakfast from street vendors or little hole-in-the-wall dives that open early so they can capture every possible customer in their efforts … Continue reading

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Different Circumstances

What would life have delivered to me had I spoken to my mother in Spanish? How would the world treat me differently if I bathed in a river and washed my clothes on a rock? Where would I have learned to read if … Continue reading

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I Should Have, But I Didn’t

Pay attention to your good fortune. More importantly, share it. Even in the difficulties you experience, you constantly learn that your fortunes are far better than they might have been. This hit home for me yesterday. I had “teeth work” done yesterday, beginning around 11:30 … Continue reading

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Love and Compassion

I subscribe to Zen Habits,a blog dealing with “living in the moment” and being content with, and productive in, one’s life. Recently, a post reminded me that people tend to define themselves by what they do, what other people think of … Continue reading

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The Technology of Caring and Social Change

Sometimes, I question the value of Facebook, thinking with some degree of certainty that it is simply a narcissism-fueled vehicle, hurling its cargo toward self-inflicted ego implosion. But then, every once in a while, I see evidence that the technology and foundation … Continue reading

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My Own Cage

Some days, we question things that we shouldn’t question. Some days, we fail to question things that deserve reproach. Some days, we create our own ugly cages from which escape is impossible and, even if it were possible, improper. I see these concepts play out … Continue reading

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Winning the Battle but Losing the Soul

Yesterday, I behaved in a way that is utterly counter to my stated belief in being compassionate and empathetic.  Even before the experience was behind me, I felt pangs of guilt and felt bad about the way I was behaving. … Continue reading

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