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You Would Look Just Fine if You Were Naked

I chose to ignore the clock’s suggestion after I awoke to pee, opting instead to remain upright and awake. The time, 3:48 a.m., suggested a return to bed and to sleep would have been appropriate. But putting on my morning … Continue reading

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Shirting Along

For reasons beyond my capacity to understand, my thoughts of late drift toward shirts I want but do not own—have never owned—and, to my recollection, have never even seen for sale. I’ve seen these clothes, but only rarely being worn. I … Continue reading

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Fashionista. Not Quite, But…

One changes, doesn’t one? Over time, I mean. Who would have thought, two or three years ago, that I would ever feel not only comfortable with, but a just a little excited about, wearing a sports coat and a pair … Continue reading

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My Indian-Inspired Line of Clothing

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but I claim paternity, in the form of desire. This morning, I’ve been thinking about what I’d do in the way of making clothing for myself if I had the requisite sewing skills (which includes … Continue reading

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