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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes

Hair Cut

I got a hair cut yesterday. I asked for it short. It’s relatively short. But not quite what I have in mind. I realized today, though, that the quality of my haircut isn’t particularly important. The quality of my tears … Continue reading

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I Hope All is Better than Well

Mortality sucks. Reminders about mortality suck almost as much as the thing itself. My brother is in the hospital in Houston, waiting to learn when the surgeons will perform an operation to repair an aortic aneurysm. That’s serious stuff. Not … Continue reading

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Sorry. If you tried to read my last post and coudn’t, it’s because I didn’t intend to post it and have taken it down. I’m now entirely incompetent of late.

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A Truck

I am trying to sell my Ford Ranger. It’s the Ranger my late sister bought new in 1997. I “inherited it” when she died in 2010. Or shortly thereafter. And I kept it for a while. But I sold it … Continue reading

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When Madness Strikes

Too much time has passed since I last hosted a tapas party. Actually, it wasn’t a party, it was just a few (make that four)  friends I had invited to show off my culinary talents. Well, not talents; more like … Continue reading

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Raccoon Encounters

For the second time in just over a week, a raccoon managed to make its way to our back deck, which is at least seventeen feet above the ground. Metal tubes, wrapped around the middle sections of six by six … Continue reading

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Filtered News and Compartmentalized Compassion

The horrific, deadly flooding in Japan, not widely reported in Western media yet (it seems to me), is a nightmare of epic proportions. Two million people have been ordered to evacuate in western Japan. Hiroshima has been hit hard by … Continue reading

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Planetary Perturbations and Insomnia and Pamplona etc.

I went to bed early and went to sleep right away. But two hours later, I was awake. I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours. I got up around 1 a.m. for a few minutes, then tried again … Continue reading

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Empty Explanation

It has been days since I’ve posted here. The number of possible reasons for the dry spell could exceed the largest known numeral, cubed. But probably not. I attribute the emptiness to emptiness. All the good ideas have fled my … Continue reading

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Argument for a Barter Economy

Money is a cudgel, a weapon disguised as a tool to claw through difficulties so we can reach the peace and happiness buried beneath the obstacles built from shattered dreams. Oh, they’re not our dreams; they’re hopes dreamt by emperors … Continue reading

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Incivility Portends Hyper-Incivility

Everyone needs to tone it down. Everyone. Sean Hannity. Brian Stelter. Chris Cuomo.  Jake Tapper. Tomi Lahren. 45. You. Me. Everyone. Rage, if allowed to go on unchecked, will lead to an outcome no one (except lunatics on the outer … Continue reading

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Birthday Coalescence (is that a word?)

Today is my wife’s birthday. It coincides with the umpteenth World Tour of Wines, so instead of celebrating by going out to a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, we’re going to join eight friends at Coronado Center to experience … Continue reading

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2600–Anthology of Me

I posted number 2600 without fanfare because I forget I was at that point. My forgetfulness notwithstanding, I think number 2600 deserves acknowledgement; just a tad bit of respect. I’ve spilled a lot of thought on the screen to have … Continue reading

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Baseball Caps in the Rain

I awoke this morning to evidence of heavy rain and wind while I was sleeping. My big tomato plant was bent in half, blown away from its metal cage and its leave water logged. The forecast, which calls for more … Continue reading

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Poached Fantasy and No Toast

My mood today is moderately better than yesterday’s nadir. The aroma of hope wafts through the water-logged air, suggesting something sanguine awaits beyond my view, hidden by the morning fog. I wish I possessed the skill or talent or whatever … Continue reading

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Presidential Stench

This morning, I feel a bit like I felt that awful night in November, 2016, when it became apparent that the United States had elected a rancid pig as its president. In the ensuing year and a half, the pig … Continue reading

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Vicarious Escape

A eighty-year-old friend whose husband died recently called me from her road trip this afternoon. She was waiting in her grandson’s driveway in Prescott, Arizona for his arrival. She had just gotten to his house when she received my text, … Continue reading

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If I Were a Tailor, I’d Stitch a Book

I suppose I always intended to write a book. Or, rather, to have written a book. I’ve never wanted to begin the process, only to complete it. And I wanted no part of the effort involved between starting and finishing … Continue reading

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Run for It

I haven’t posted for several days now. It’s not that I haven’t written anything to post. It’s that what little I’ve allowed myself to write has been dark and nervous, as if written by a ground squirrel stuck in a … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Anthony Bourdain

A short while ago, I received a text message from a friend, saying only “Tis a sad day, amigo…Anthony Bourdain dead at 61.” A link to a CNN article about Bourdain’s death was included. Bourdain, who was in France working … Continue reading

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A Piece of the World Without Us

I had a phone call from a friend yesterday. The purpose of her call was to share with me an idea for a novel. The idea? Write a novel that follows the development of what is now the United States … Continue reading

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Almost Contemporaneous Telling of a Dream

I had a long, involved dream, more like a nightmare, several nights ago. I awoke in the middle of the night (see number 8, below) and rushed into my study to record what I could remember. Even immediately after waking, … Continue reading

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Hail to the Roofer

Two and a half months after our house received a new roof (mid-March, 2018), we experienced one hellacious hail storm. On the afternoon of June 2, the promised “spring showers” turned into fifteen minutes of relentless hail raining down. Fierce … Continue reading

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We Actually Joined a Church

I joined a church yesterday. I’ve lived my entire life up to this point being “unchurched.” I have never wanted to join a church because…well, for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, I suppose, was the dogma, the creed, … Continue reading

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Hail Storm–06-02-2018

Last night’s hail storm. Take a look at 05:20 and beyond.

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