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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes

Dutch Treats

My online culinary explorations this morning took me to the Netherlands. I visited Amsterdam many years ago, but the only moderately clear food-related memory of that visit revolves around our late-evening arrival. We disembarked the ferry from England and went … Continue reading

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The humid morning air, so thick with moisture that light cannot find a clear path in the mist, presents a challenge to flying creatures. Insects’ wings, laden with dew, struggle to give them flight. Birds opt to sit on water-logged … Continue reading

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Bidding for Worship

Listen carefully to the voice in your head. Listen to its tenor and timbre as it urges you to consider or reconsider aspects of your life you thought had long since been settled. You may not even hear it if … Continue reading

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A Fusion of Fact and Fantasy

Last night’s HSV Open Mic Night had the largest attendance, by far, of any held to date: 152 people in the audience. Last night’s performances were eclectic. Banjo, acoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar, viola, violin, conga, bongos, trombone, spoken word … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud with my Fingers

I bounce from project to project, finishing the occasional endeavor if it’s especially short and requires little patience. It occurs to me that, if I were able to transfer the energy expended in one hundred unfinished projects into just a … Continue reading

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Distant Designs

Lina awakened me. I felt her two fingers tiptoe up and down my back, one on each side of my spine. She tread gently at first. With restrained but increasing pressure, she ensured that I was aware of her presence. … Continue reading

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Ode to Edward

A is for Arnold who choked on his ego. B is for Barney killed in Oswego. C is for Carmen who fell off a bridge. D is for Dennis who got locked in a fridge. E is for Everett burned … Continue reading

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