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We’re going to lunch today at a new African restaurant in Alexander, AR (AKA suburban Little Rock). The place is called Kontiki African Restaurant and today is its grand opening. My spouse is rightfully cautious about going to restaurants during the first several weeks of their opening, given the need to work out the “kinks,” but we’re going anyway, inasmuch as some friends alerted us to the existence of the place and are willing to go along on this first day of full-on operation. I gather the place had a soft opening about a week ago and, from what I read, it went well. My first thought when I heard “African restaurant” was that my dream had been fulfilled; finally, a place to get Ethiopian food in Arkansas. But, no, that is not the case. Kontiki will serve west African food, but that’s all right, too. I am familiar with some of the menu items (e.g., jollof rice and fufu), but don’t know much else about west African cuisine, so this will be a treat.

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  1. Ha! Glad you got to surprise her!

  2. lindakblack says:

    I tried to tell my sister the dish you liked so well but couldn’t remember, but I’ve got it now. She called me, excited, telling me about the restaurant. Much to her surprise, I blurted out, “A new African restaurant called Kontiki.” In amazement, she asked, “how did you know?” 😀

  3. Linda, as I said today during our meeting, it was excellent! Some dishes might not suit everyone, but by and large it was good. The pepper soup was wonderful! I’d return if only to get more of that!

  4. lindakblack says:

    How was it? My sister lives in Alexander. If it was good, let me know because she loves eating out.

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