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The Magical Meal

When my wife and I were in San Antonio a few days ago we had dinner at Bohanan’s, an upscale steak restaurant on Houston Street, not far from the downtown river walk.  We had been planning to have dinner there … Continue reading

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An Evolving Political Manifesto

I have repeatedly expressed my support for President Obama’s election…again.  I have spoken against the possibility of a Romney White House.  I have encouraged…and still do encourage…people to vote to return Obama to the Presidency. You’d think I was a … Continue reading

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More on Religion

I have an acquaintance who’s an Episcopalian.  I know this because he frequently comments about his faith on his Facebook page.  He makes no bones about his faith, but neither does he condemn people of other faiths or those who … Continue reading

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Lost and Angry

Every time I get away from the city, I take a risk.  I risk overwhelming sensations of longing for a life close to the land.  It’s cliché, but it’s real.  I want so badly to feel connected to the earth, … Continue reading

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The Road

If just for one day, a road trip is what I need now.  And it shall be.  We don’t know where we’re heading, but we’re off in a while, maybe south, maybe west, maybe off toward the pine forests of … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Fashion Models It occurred to me before but as I was skimming an old copy of D Magazine it struck me again.  Young female fashion models who have their photos taken wearing haute couture, whether  bikinis and impossibly tall spiked heels … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast

Today: Expect cataclysmic thunderstorms, some capable of producing epic floods and nuclear-force winds, to form before noon today along a line from Anchorage, Alaska to the western edge of Iceland.  A line of massive thunder showers was observed moments ago by … Continue reading

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Another Year Older

Birthdays used to excite passion.  They were occasions to mark progress toward some desirable future, some as yet unclaimed state of affairs, that would be better than today. This murky, never-articulated premise for celebrating birthdays was never clear, but it … Continue reading

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Lucien Freud: Portraits

Yesterday, we drove over to view the Lucien Freud: Portraits exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth before the ends of its run on October 28.  It was one of the best exhibits I’ve seen. While Freud’s technical … Continue reading

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An Enlightening Perspective

On occasion, I relearn something I’ve long since learned and lost. Sometimes when that happens, I’m struck by the fact that I’ve allowed myself to forget something so pleasing, so enlightening.  This morning was one of those occasions.  It was … Continue reading

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Improper perspective, rectified

I dropped the aging Camry with the mechanic at about 8:45 this morning.  I had decided to walk back home, rather than take the bus, because I hadn’t taken my normal walk this morning.  And I needed to do some … Continue reading

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A Brief History of the Past Few Hours

We met our friend, Jim, for lunch today at Flavors, an Indian restaurant in Addison.  While I enjoyed the food, it wasn’t exceptional like it was the last visit.  But I am not one to complain about an Indian buffet … Continue reading

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Photos from Mexico

I was not as much of a photographer as I would liked to have been during our visit with my brother and his wife in Mexico.  However, I rationalize the relative paucity of photos by arguing that I was more … Continue reading

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So, now, we’re really back home in Dallas.  Competing emotions are everywhere.  The home you’ve built has enormous attraction, but the adventure of powerlessness has its appeal. Let me think on it. Maybe I’ll have a perspective, one day.

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Back home in Ajijic

Four-plus hours after we started the journey from Manzanillo back to Ajijic, we arrived.  After a quick bite at a wonderful open-air restaurant (best grilled octopus I’ve ever had), we’re unwinding at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s place.  Here are a … Continue reading

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